Cameron's vocals are rich and velvety, this indie folk/pop song is one that you will be singing along to very quickly” - AMNPLIFY




Cameron Alexander is an indie folk singer songwriter from Perth, Western Australia. His music is a response to the passionate, yet melancholic, nature of love and relationships. His perspective is both excitingly captivating and soulfully pensive, as he draws the listener in to consider how they think, what they feel and why that is.

Raised in a small mining town in central WA and now basking in life on the coast, Cameron draws inspiration from his affinity to the red dirt of the desert as well as the cool waters of the West Australian oceans. He looks to reflect this love of the land through his music.

2022 was a big year for the musician, with the release of his debut EP "Ruminations".

After playing his first international festival in South Africa in July, Cameron is now touring Australia as a duo with his bass player, Ansel.

Listen to Cameron's debut EP "Ruminations", out now.

Upcoming shows

8 November: Miami Marketta

12 November: Can You Keep a Secret (supporting Shmone)

17 November: Sandgate Hotel

13 December: Miami Marketta

10 January: Miami Marketta

14 February: Miami Marketta


Ph: 0407565769